Research the Harley-Davidson (H-D) Web site for each brand and review the annual report for relevant details of the size scope target market services and amenities and other salient points of differentiation. Include these details in Part I of your PowerPoint presentation.
May 23, 2021
the journey of nelson mandela
May 23, 2021
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2 page analyzation of the movie “the circle”


answers must be based on the movie The Circle with Tom Hanks.

2 page report answering each of the following.

•Identify the ethical issue and characterize the ethical culture in the company referred to in the case study in terms of valuesbeliefs, and established and enforced patterns of conduct that employees use to identify and respond to ethical issues. 

•How the ethical issue raised in this case might affect customer satisfaction

•Identify one primary and one secondary stakeholder involved in this ethical issue. 

•How Integrity, honesty, and fairness can be seen in this organization when it comes to assessing the ethical issue? 

•Is there any voluntary practice in order to benefit stakeholders in this ethical issue? Is there any core practice? Which one? Was the consumer protection law violated? If yes, how? 

•Evaluate the main character’s behavior from the ethical decision-making model by using the following chart to answer this specific question. 

Ethical Decision components:           Main Character/protagonist    

•Ethical issue intensity 

•Potential Individual factors affecting ethical behavior 

•Potential organizational factors affecting the ethical decision 

•Opportunities favoring the ethical decision made by him/her 

•Describe all the minimum requirements for ethics and compliance programs. 


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