Analyze how social psychology theory can be applied to identify and reduce sources of social influence in a debate setting. Write an introductory paragraph or two.
October 13, 2021
post lab paragraph 2
October 13, 2021

3 pages paper 7

Write a short paper (about 3 pages, double spaced); your paper must be no longer than 900 words in total. TRY NOT TO PLOT THE SUMMARIES, please to argue point of view. When you attribute a specific claim to a philosopher you are discussing, remember to provide a textual citation or brief quotation to back it up (page references may be given in parentheses in the text).Please think critically!!


Women are treated as things, when they are treated as sex objects” (Langton, p. 316). Explain this idea. What is morally wrong with treating people as things (or “objectifying” them)? How might pornography lead men to objectify women? Do you agree with Langton that pornography leads men to treat women merely as objects (in general, and not just in the context of pornography)? Why or why not?

The reference booka are attached below, you are allowed to use other source


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