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June 23, 2021
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5 articles categorize

I have 5 articles and I need to do

Read “How Can I Use That? Four Motives for Using a Source” (attached) and write an approximately 160 words response (1-2 paragraphs) where you reflect on how you can begin to categorize the 5 sources you gathered. In other words, look at your sources and determine which of them can:

1) “Extend your thinking” (i.e. pose additional important questions, issues that deepen your understanding of your topic–think surprising information, or sources that clear up misconceptions)

2) “Provide necessary background ” (sources that help you define, provide general historical or cultural context, explain common assumptions, etc.)

3) “Support or exemplify a point you want to make or an issue you think needs to be explored” (sources that will help you answer some of the specific questions you think you need to address in your research project)

4) “Present opportunities for analysis and interpretation of key points and even of other sources” (think about what connections between sources you can make to show the various perspectives, sources that provide key information to help develop ideas that are essential to understanding your topic.)

I attach an example below, but be aware that the example contains more than 5 sources,–you still only have to categorize your five-six sources.


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