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June 23, 2021
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A script and a powerpoint about a marine specie

my specie is ( sea anemones)

In this assignment, you will put together the pieces of your research into a Power Point, Keynote or Presi presentation, and include a script of your presentation.   

Presentation script

In the simplest form, your script could be copied and pasted together from the pieces you submitted in previous assignments on:

The key elements of your script are that: 

  • It includes references for each statement and
  • It includes a reference list or bibliography of at least 10 sources cited within the text at the end.

You should also use this opportunity to edit and refine your information from previous assignments, taking into account the feedback you received from me. This assignment is worth the most points by far so this should be your best, most polished version of your work.

Presentation slides

Create a minimum of five slides for your presentation, and be sure to:

  • Cover all of the critical topics in the assignments above (basic information, focused topic, management/conservation)
  • Include both figures you included in your summaries (one on your focused topic, one on management conservation)
  • Include at least one figure on each slide (this may just be a picture of your species)
  • Include references for all statements on your slides
  • Include a reference list or bibliography as your final slide.

You might also want to include a video of your species, as I did in the example presentation. 

What you will submit:

So in summary, for this assignment you will submit:

  1. A referenced script of your species project presentation includes references from 10 sources (scientific papers and/or approved webpages)
  2. A PowerPoint, Keynote or Presi presentation (or link to where I can find it online) of your presentation

If it is helpful to you to see an example of what these final products looks like, please see the attached Word document and Power Point presentation.


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