Case Decision Critique
April 5, 2020
PKI and Encryption at Work
April 5, 2020

advantages of contemporary control systems over traditional control systems

.What are the main advantages of contemporary control systems over traditional control systems? What are the main differences between these two systems?

2. Why is it important to have a balance between the three elements of behavioral control—culture, rewards and incentives, and boundaries? Discuss the relationship between types of organizations and their primary means of behavioral control.

3.How can a strong, positive culture enhance a firm’s competitive advantage? How can a weak, negative culture erode competitive advantages? Explain and provide examples for each polarized view.

4. Go to the textbook, and review the concept of Ambidextrous organizational designs. Firms that achieve adaptability and alignment are considered ambidextrous. As an individual, you can also strive to be ambidextrous. Evaluate your own ambidexterity by assessing your adaptability (your ability to change in response to changes around you) and alignment (how good you are at exploiting your existing competencies). What steps can you take to improve your ambidexterity?


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