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March 3, 2021
Read the postings by two students and challenge positions that differ from yours. In all cases, cite evidence from the web sites to bolster your arguments. Were you surprised at the current size of the human population or at its changes since your year of
March 3, 2021

Air Pollution Lab Environmental Lab

RQ:  Which room in most people’s house or apartment has the highest level of particle pollution?

Ho:  Null Ho:

Materials:  4 – 3×5 cards, 4cmx4cm squares of graph paper,  Vaseline, Scotch tape, Marker,  Magnifying glass.

Procedures:  1.  Create your 3×5 cards by cutting graph paper into 4cm x 4cm  squares.  Glue this square on your 3×5 card.  Add a few drops of oil to the graph paper and spread evenly.  Label your cards well. 

2.  Choose 4 different locations (different rooms inside eg bedroom, living room etc.) to post your cards for 1 week.  Make sure you know the size of 1 box on your graph paper.

3.  Collect after a week and count the particles in at least 5 grids.  Calculate the particulate density. Combine class data and graph on the Google sheet.

4.  Graph the mean data by location (bedroom, living room etc.)


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