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April 8, 2021
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answer these answers based on reading

Instructions: Write brief answers to the following questions. Each answer should be approximately 150 words in length;

Please number your answers, but do not reproduce the prompt at the start of your answers. Also, identify yourself on your submission only by your student id number.

1.Wiggins thinks that the values that confer meaning on human life are both anthropocentric and objective. Explain this idea, using a concrete example to illustrate your explanation.

2.Scheffler writes: “if by the afterlife we mean the continuation of human life on earth after our own deaths, then it seems difficult to avoid the conclusion that, in some significant respects, the existence of the afterlife matters more to us than our own continued existence” (p. 26). Explain this passage in your own terms.

3.For all practical purposes, climate change damages are insensitive to individual behavior” (Jamieson, p. 181). Explain this idea. Does it follow from this that we should make no efforts to adjust our personal lifestyles in response to concerns about climate change?

4.Considering friends who would not be willing to do things for each other that conflict with moral requirements, Cocking and Kennett write: “There is simply less good, qua friendship, to be had in a relationship like this” (295). Why do they think this? Does their conclusion strike you as plausible?


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