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June 29, 2020
write a 2 paragraph discussion on the info below
June 29, 2020

argumentative research paper 16


Is Johnson’s fictional book, The Orphan Master’s Son a realistic depiction of North Korea, or is it an over the top exaggeration that is embellished to make the story more dramatic and interesting for the reader?

The Argumentative Research Paper needs to take a stand on the question. The research paper does not require a counter- argument or refutation.

Incorporate the answer to the following in your essay:

How do the propaganda chapters, written as if spoken from a loudspeaker, influence your reading of the novel?

Discuss the differences between the first part of the novel, “The Biography of Jun Do,” and the second, “The Confessions of Commander Ga.”

Discuss Jun Do’s physical and emotional journey, and his transformation from the beginning of the novel to the end.


5 – 7 pages

5 Reliable outside sources

MLA Format


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