Who is the source for the Sienna “Swagger Wagon” ad? Who are the receivers and audience of this campaign?
February 27, 2020
Repeated Measures Analysis and Interpretation
February 27, 2020

Assignment “formal report” that need to be completed by 11pm,

Assignment “formal report” that need to be completed by 11pm, use the topic earthquake proof housing designs or a

 topic in the communications field.

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 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment6.Practice, M-Global Context: Memo ReportAssume you are an M-Global feld engineer working at the constructionsite oF a nuclear power plant in Jentsen, Missouri. ±or the past threeweeks, your job has been to observe the construction oF a water-cooling tower, a large cylindrical structure. As consultants to theplant’s construction frm, you and your M-Global crew were hired tomake sure that work proceeds properly and on schedule. As the feldengineer, you are supposed to report any problems in writing to yourproject manager, John Raines, back at your St. Louis o²ce. Then he willcontact the construction frm’s o²ce, iF necessary.Write a short memo report to Raines. Take the Following randomlyorganized inFormation and present it in a clear, well-organized Fashion.IF you wish, add inFormation oF your own that might ft the context.■Three cement pourings For the tower wall were delayed an houreach on April 21 because oF light rain.■Cement-truck drivers must slow down while driving through thesite. Other workers complain about the excessive dust raised by thetrucks.■Mary Powell, an M-Global saFety inspector on the crew, cited 12workers For not wearing their hard hats.■You just heard From one subcontractor, Allis Wire, Inc., that therewill be a two-day delay in delivering some steel reinForcing wires thatgo into the concrete walls. That delay will throw o³ next week’sschedule. Last Monday’s hard rain and ´ooding kept everyone homethat day.■It is probably time once again to get all the subcontractorstogether to discuss saFety at the tower site. Recently, two feld handshad bad cuts From machinery.■Although there have not been any major theFts at the site, somemiscellaneous boards and masonry pieces are missing each day—probably because nearby residents (doing small home projects) thinkthat whatever they fnd at the site has been discarded. Are additional“No trespassing” signs needed?■Construction is only two days behind schedule, despite theproblems that have occurred.(PFei³er 328)

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