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February 27, 2020
The following is a problem of the type you may encounter in your electronics courses
February 27, 2020

Assimilation of immigrants children in Canadian schools and society.

The intention of this paper is to provide an opportunity to explore a particular issue or concern facing children or youth in your practice.
Evaluate what services would be helpful, what therapeutic interventions that would be beneficial (based on the research) and critically review the theories that you have selected and the literature on the specific problems for this client.
Think critically about the literature and methods of helping. Several methods may be of assistance of a particular issue.
Research the area of their interest providing a current literature review and defining and describing the nature of the problem and how it affects children and/or youth.
In addition, describe an approach or combination of approaches that could be used to address the problems and concerns identified for the child or youth. Or how policy can be changed to benefit children and youth. Provide an informed and critical response about practice methods and policy initiatives that can be used to assist children and/or youth affected by the issue .

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