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April 8, 2020
Pathology Epidemiology and morphology report
April 8, 2020


How Much Do You Know About Autism

Please answer the following True and False questions and justify your answer (1 paragraph)***

1. Autism is more often diagnosed in boys than in girls? _____

2. Autism can be caused by emotional deprivation. _____

3. Autism is on the increase. _____

4. Autism has the same rate of occurrence worldwide _____

5. Autism can be detected before a child is 2 years old _____

6. Autism runs in families ____

7. There is a single gene for autism ____

8. Autism can be caused by the MMR vaccine _____

9. A person with autism can grow out of it _____

10. People with autism all have below average intelligence _____

11. People with autism always prefer being alone _____

12. Adults with autism are not capable of working _____


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