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September 25, 2021
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September 25, 2021

Based On The Positive Null Hypothesis Results Of The Carcinoid Tumor Attention S

Based on the positive null hypothesis results of the carcinoid tumor attention study discussed in the midterm project, the team of AP oncology nurses and pathologists presented an evidence-based report to oncologists at an annual national clinical oncology symposium. While the null hypothesis was proven to be correct, the primary endpoint of presenting this research was to engage oncologists in being more attentive to correctly diagnosing and prescribing treatment for those patients who have recurring carcinoid tumors. As such, oncologists determined that the best treatments to be used are streptozotocin, 5-fluorouracil (5-FLU), dacarbazine (DTIC), Adriamycin, and only a few other options. As a follow-up to the nurses’ research, a group of research oncologists therefore decided to identify patients and ask them to participate in a 5-year survival study utilizing DTIC. The study started with 80 patients. Between the first and second years (full-year 1), 0 patients had died but 4 were censored. Between the second and third years (full-year 2), 2 patients had died and 0 were censored. Between the third and fourth years (full-year 3), 0 patients had died and also 0 were censored. Between the fourth and fifth year (full-year 4), 32 patients had died and 0 were censored. Between the fifth and sixth years (full-year 5), 6 more patients died yet 0 were censored.

8A) After 5 years, what is the survival percentage for patients with carcinoid undergoing

DTIC treatment?

8B) When applying a 90% confidence to the test results, what is the confidence interval?

8C) What is the analysis of this survival test? Be sure to include an

analysis of the patient as well, or in other words, when and why assume patients

start to rapidly decline.


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