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April 6, 2021
swot strength weakness opportunity and threats
April 6, 2021

between being a manager and being a leader leadership

-Avoid plagiarism

-Avoid plagiarism

-Avoid plagiarism

Critical Thinking:-Leadership

Use at least 3 scientific references to support your answers. Follow APA-style when referencing.

Assignment Question(s):

  • Define leadership and explain the difference between being a manager and being a leader. Which boss would you rather have? Why?
  • The leadership style theories, which you have learned in the chapter 13 & 14 based on that determine which leadership styles are suitable for managers who are managing workers ( both Blue collar & White collar) in the organizations
  • Describe directive leadership and supportive leadership, Explain their importance. )
  • How organizations are benefitted from supportive leadership? Give an example of such organization which you might have come across.


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