October 13, 2021
Convert the issue into an answerable question. Write the question and indicate what type of clinical question it is (a who, what, where, when or why question). Explain why.
October 13, 2021

Biology Animal Behavior Essay

1. Propose one hypothesis that researchers studying animal behavior could examine using the help of citizen science volunteers. (2 points)2. Describe the experimental design needed to test this hypothesis using citizen science. Be sure to include: (a) the role of the citizen science volunteers in the experiment (b) the type of data to be collected and (c) a direct connection back to how the experiment addresses the hypothesis  (3 points)3. How does this experiment address a social, scientific, or technological issue facing society today? Please explain in full detail, including (a) identifying the issue and (b) elaborating on how this experiment addresses the issue. Examples of issues include: global climate change, species extinction/loss of biodiversity, habitat destruction, etc. (3 points)4. Which of Tinbergen’s Levels of Analysis best applies to your hypothesis? Why? Could multiple levels be appropriate? Why or why not? (2 points)Due date is tonight at 11:59, the website won’t let me choose today, so if you can do this for tonight let me know.


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