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October 13, 2021
Assignment 07.2: Final Paper Phase III
October 13, 2021

buisness management

We are a group and I have to write this as a group But in academic way.
We met in the class three times but we had 
Some difficulties to meet outside the college and make up the comic story and others writing, because of classes schedule and work schedule for one of us.
Some problems we had
One of our group works at most days so she sipped meetings even in class .
We were in rush and lack of ideas because only two of the three were working on the comic .
The pics should be taken in an empty college so we came the college on a weekend day and toke pics .
The comic is about going to school in a weekend day accidentally.we read a fake news about virus so we related the absence to the virus news then ,we try to survive our life by searching in the computer and library book .we break the vending machine to collect food finally the next day a teacher comes and explain that the day before was Saturday.


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