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business law 390 partial business plan

Hey, for the following assignment, I have to submit a 10-page partial business plan. It revolves around the same case idea you have previously completed work (“Sally’s business plan).

Here is a rundown of the story:

Sally, a fourth-year student in the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), has approached you about the establishment of a business the two of you have dreamed about for years: opening an upscale business restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida! Sally, your best friend from childhood, indicated she performed some preliminary research and decided, “It’s now or never!”

After reviewing her notes, you both agreed that if the two of you could assemble a start-up plan, it would result in substantial start-up costs savings. Fortunately, you have a business law course this semester designed to integrate legal theory and business operations that should be helpful. Your course is designed to provide hands-on use of authentic legal and business-planning tools and documentation required to start and operate a business. The course is going to provide a wealth of information. Sally suggests that since you will shortly be a “Legal Eagle,” you should handle the details related to starting a business. This includes researching the legal and business aspects required to get a business up and running.


The business plan should be in APA format, and have a minimum of 5 references.

Course textbook:

The course textbook is: Business Law Today, 11th edition, Author: Miller, R. L. ISBN: 978-1305644526 (Hardcover) 978-1337222334 (eBook)

Bellow I have pasted everything that I am asked to fulfill for the assignment. i also attached to this post some pdf documents with further information as well as property Sally is planning on purchasing to finally establish a business.


Partial Business Plan

You will prepare and submit an APA formatted partial business plan based on the Case Study topic. A partial business plan is a blueprint for business success. If a business does not have a plan in place, there is no control.

  • Your partial business plan will not include a financial data section.
  • Please, do not copy a business plan from an existing company. The purpose of this partial business plan is to emphasize important concepts within MGMT 390.

Your Partial Business Plan must be at least 12 pages and consist of the following:

  • Title page
  • Minimum 10 pages
  • Reference page (current APA standards)

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sally is ready to start the Restaurant operation. She now asks that you assemble all required information prepared in this course in a business plan format.

You need to make sure that the information is ready for presentation so the two of you can review it with the financial backers. You are taking the lead in getting it done on time and assuring that the report contains answers to the mandatory components below.

Mandatory Components


  • Present and describe the items you will use to address the concerns of your business plan.
  • Set the stage for the framework that will become your business plan.

Type of Business (product or service)

  • Provide a description of the business, the product or services, location, and any other facts you want to report.

Legal Form of Business

  • Pick the appropriate form of business except for a sole proprietorship.
  • Consider the costs associated with the chosen form of business.
  • Explain why you have selected this form of business from a tax, company, and personal liability perspective.
  • Indicate what the advantages and disadvantages of this legal form.
  • Specify types of officers and duties that will be involved in the company’s management.
  • Using the business’s location, review all state and federal requirements for starting a business.
  • Using any new information or previously provided information, write a brief outline mapping the required steps required to qualify.
  • Using the fictitious name that you researched for availability, attach the information collected from your search.

Legal Setting of Business

  • Expand upon the information you stated under the legal form of business. Describe any government laws or requirements that pertain to your business.
  • Describe any zoning requirements for the business.
  • Include any restrictions such as zoning, safety, environmental, or other requirements.

Location Requirements

  • Describe the property or location of your business.
  • Discuss the viability of the business in the chosen location from a population, transportation, and community income perspective. Have you considered transportation, ease of customer access, and utilities at this location?
  • Considering the debt acquired to purchase the property and discuss the viability of the profitability.

Business License Research and Costs

  • Describe the business license and/or permit requirements for the location where you will be doing business (factor in the type of business and the impact it will have on the costs of governmental regulation).
  • Check the city and/or county websites for business license requirements and the costs for the business license.

Insurance Requirements

  • Describe the types of insurance that may be required for operating this type of business.
  • Is bonding required?
  • If you have employees, describe the mandatory types of insurance to consider.

Proprietary Rights

  • Describe any intellectual property that your business may own or create.
  • Consider trademarks, copyrights, design specifications, patents, and logos.
  • Discuss the steps required to protect all intellectual property associated with the business.

Employment Law and Requirements

  • Attach a copy of the search for federal Labor laws obtained from your search of federal Employment Regulations.
  • Describe your decision to hire or not hire employees vs. independent contractors.
  • Reviews for guidance on mandatory taxes.

Purchase Orders and Contracts

  • What foreseeable types of pricing arrangements are you under? Contract pricing arrangement examples are firm fixed price, fixed price with economic price adjustment (EPA), etc.
  • Are the extra Regulations that are required based on the mix and government contractor status cost-effective? Government contracts, direct hires, special needs?
  • For other types of contracts, are you considering labor, time and materials, or multiyear- type?
  • Support your contract types with justification. Why are you planning on using these purchase orders and/or contracts?

Torts and Crimes Protection

  • Describe the types of torts and crimes relating to your business that you will have to protect from damages and disputes.

Property and Requirements

  • Describe any company property (equipment, computer systems, or building requirements) that may be necessary for startup and planned for business operations.
  • Do you plan of leasing, renting, or buying any business property? Please support your decision.

UCC Considerations

  • As we have learned in this course, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governs many types of business requirements such as contracts for lease or sale of goods, transactions, fraud, passing of title, risk of loss, and other requirements. Describe how you plan to comply with the UCC for your business.

Other Considerations

  • Describe any other requirements you have learned in this course that will have to consider in starting, operating, and eventually closing your business.


Your conclusion should summarize the main concepts addressed in this paper. Restate the blueprint for your businesses’ success. Restate important ideas and recap your findings.


If you need more information or have an specific question, please do not hesitate and ask. I really appreciate all the help you have given me so far, your papers have been amazing.


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