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February 15, 2020
Cultural Differences Among Patients in the Medical Field
February 15, 2020

Business Plan Development: SWOT Analysis


Business Plan Development: SWOT Analysis

               Burnout refers to job-related stress within the
working environment. Burnouts are increasingly dominating headlines in
most health debates due to its prevalence among nurses, particularly in
the intensive care unit. Also, the healthcare sector has recorded the
highest number of burnout levels because of the demanding nature of the
industry. This PICO question will explore a SWOT analysis to determine
burnout levels in ICU nurses to manage awareness and reduce workload.

Strengths and Weaknesses

               Creating management awareness and reducing workload
will significantly result in a decline in burnouts among nurses in the
ICU. A reduced level of burnout will decrease the number of medical
errors in healthcare facilities while also improving the quality of
patients’ care. Burnouts can be reduced in hospitals by adopting new
technologies like laser surgery in the operation room that will reduce
the workload on nurses. The latest technologies can be successfully
implemented by involving them in a support role of operations in the
pilot phase. There are inherent weaknesses in implementing new
technologies in the surgery room and creating management awareness
(Berkowitz, 2017). The hospital should consider if it has the necessary
resources to facilitate its implementation. Similarly, the labor to
operate the new machinery may also be a challenge. Capital required in
procuring, implementing, and the modern method of surgery may also be a
weakness in realizing its full potential.

Opportunities and Threats

Threats to establishing the new system may include factors such as
the market share. The healthcare facility should conduct a comprehensive
analysis of its target market based on pricing models of the product,
promotion, and place. The pricing should give special attention to
competitors. New technologies come with new opportunities. The recently
launched laser surgery process should be able to increase the healthcare
facility’s reach in delivering care to patients. The hospital can
anticipate its market share and implement the system according to the
statistics of customers.

 Developing a business plan requires an accurate assessment of the
market. The healthcare facility should use a SWOT analysis to target
patients. They should then proceed to deliver quality care while also
clocking in profits. A well-implemented plan will help the hospital
solve the problem of burnouts by reducing the workload on nurses with
the new technology.


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