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May 23, 2021
why balance of power is better for managing global affairs opposed to collective security
May 23, 2021
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can you complete an outline

prepare an OUTLINE on a psychological topic explored from the perspective of two or more cultures. A “psychological topic” can be any topic or issue that relates to human experience. Assume that the audience is unfamiliar with your topic and the cultures you discuss — your job will be to be as descriptive as possible to educate the audience.

Examples of past research assignments include:

  • Beauty Customs in Hmong and Ethiopian cultures
  • Domestic and International Human Trafficking
  • Breakdancing in the U.S. and Japan
  • Old School vs. New School Gospel Music
  • Myths in Cherokee and Blackfoot Cultures
  • Dimensions of Parenting Behaviors (comparison of Heterosexual and Homosexual parenting styles and outcomes on children).


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