Why does Socrates argue that oratory is merely a knack, not a craft?Why does Socrates claim that the worst thing a person can experience is to harm an innocent individual, and not be punished?
January 22, 2019
If the angle of attack remains the same and the aspect ratio is simply increased to 10 by adding extensions to the span of the wing, what is the new value of the lift-to-drag ratio?
January 22, 2019
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Changes in relative location

Chapter One/Week One:
1) Which of the following may bring about changes in relative location?
A) the discovery of new trade routes
B) the opening of a new highway
C) a new tariff agreement between two countries
D) all of the above
2) Which of the following statements about regions is true?
A) All regions have precise boundaries.
B) Everyone agrees on the extent of all regions.
C) Geographers decide what phenomena to use to define a region.
D) Features used to define regions must be clear and distinct on the landscape.
3) A culture hearth is
A) a region from which innovative ideas originate.
B) the material traits of a particular culture.
C) a region in which people of different origins live.
D) the evolution of a landscape.
4) Which is an example of expansion diffusion?
A) English colonists bringing their language to America.
B) The introduction of tulip farms in Michigan by Dutch immigrants.
C) The nearly instant popularity of iPods.
D) The construction of Buddhist temples in Los Angeles.
Chapter 5/Week Two:
5) The difference between population geography and demography is that population geography is
A) totally concerned with human migration.
B) the study of individual populations in terms of specific group characteristics.
C) the study of the distribution of humankind across Earth.
D) the study of internal population dynamics.
E) the science of “describing people.”
6) “Physiological density” is a term applied to human populations that means
A) the number of people per unit of area.
B) the strength of the local football team.
C) the density of population per unit of arable land.
D) the standard of living in any given place.
E) that a region is overpopulated.


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