SCI203 IP4
July 27, 2019
Health Care
July 27, 2019

Consensus, Ratio, And Apportion Methods

Differentiate between the consensus, ratio, and apportion methods? Provide an example for when each method is used.

2. Identify the steps of the risk management process. Discuss each in detail.

 3.Why is service area competitor analysis so important for effective health care planning? Provide some specific examples to support your answer. 

4. What are the benefits of strategic group analysis and strategic mapping as components of the health care strategic planning process? 

 5.  Many Americans are now traveling outside of the U. S. for elective medical procedures. What does this mean in terms of service area competitor analysis? What would you do as a hospital CEO or senior manager to keep your own patients at home and receiving services at your own facility rather than traveling abroad for care? 


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