Hypothesis testing
August 9, 2018
Are CDHPs more geared toward the healthier and younger population?
August 9, 2018

Data Sources and Nursing Contributions

For this discussion, you will:
• Select a particular patient care issue in your practice area that you would like to research at some point in your career. (TOPIC- Pediatric home health care. In the home setting there is only one nurse available, so apart from calling 911, the nurse is essentially on her own.)
• Use that particular patient care issue as a point of reference for this discussion.
• Identify 4–6 data elements that you have access to as a clinician or as an employee of the organization.
• Identify the scales of measurement for each of the data elements that you have mentioned (for example, blood pressure data from the patient record would be ratio measurement; gender of the patient would be nominal measurement). If you are uncertain, use the definitions in the Understanding Nursing Research text, Chapter 10, as your guide.
• Describe which of the data elements might be dependent upon various types of technologies, such as monitoring devices, telecommunications, or data archives.


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