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August 16, 2020
August 16, 2020

discuss the ways zombies are used in class works what do zombies represent how is race used within storytelling about zombies 1

Based on the books, literature and films we have studied so far—or similar horror works you find during your research—craft an essay discussing your understanding of the themes in the black horror aesthetic and their meaning, context and/or effectiveness. You should refer to the course work and at least two sources—which would include quoting from the works themselves. (Outside scholarship is required—and article or blog post, for example—but you must discuss at least one class work.) Be as specific as possible.

Please use the Movies “Night of the Living Dead” and “Girl with all the Gifts” as the focus of the essay. They two main black characters should be heavily focused on. Focus on how the black characters are being treated in a zombie world and how that relates to our world today. In Night of the living dead the protagonist, Ben survives throughout the movie but gets killed my the cops. Where in Girl with all the gifts the main character Melanie is treated as an other and has to deal with the consequences of being a Hungry even though she doesnt want to.


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