What unique perspective does each school of thought bring to the understanding? What are the limitations of each school of thought in understanding Judy’s case?
October 14, 2021
Case 13: Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the Health Care Industry by Randall Harris, Kevin Vogt, and Armand Gilinsky
October 14, 2021

Discussion question 150 words minimum, at least 1 citation APA style

dentify the data sources or instrumentation for each of the variables in your study. Justify the use of each data source or instrument in your study. Support your justification with citations from peer-reviewed sources. Discuss the reliability and validity of each data source or instrument. Also discuss how the instrument is scored and the level (categorical, ordinal, interval, ratio) the data obtained for your variable of interest.Incorporate instructor feedback on your post to revise the the Data Sources/Instruments section in your prospectus.


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