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Module/Week 3: Jonathan Edwards wrote half of his 70 resolutions by the time he was 20 years old. I want you to start writing your own list of life-resolutions (or continue writing if you already have started life-resolutions). Use this module/week’s journal to begin your own list of leadership and life-resolutions and the steps you will take to meet those goals. Include resolutions about your spiritual life, family life, and ministry life. Make sure to take Strobel’s advice into account when you are creating your resolutions. Recognize that these resolutions need to be Spirit-led and not created from your own fleshly effort.

Discussion Question:

Shaw and Strobel have argued that our highest response to God is delight. Do you agree? If so how do you cultivate this in your own life and the life of those you lead? If you disagree, what is our highest response to God? Support your conclusions with a theological and scriptural basis.


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