final capstone project report
October 13, 2021
Module 8: Pharmacology in Disasters and Trauma, Self-Reflection
October 13, 2021

DiscussionD Grassroot Initiatives (2 copies)

Select and describe the key characteristics of one vulnerable population from your practice or locale and discuss why this population is considered vulnerable.  Include one or two health practices and beliefs of the chosen population that increases the vulnerability of the population. Describe how you, in an advanced nursing role, could be an advocate for this vulnerable population at the local, state or national level.ExpectationsInitial Post:Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including referencesCitations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 yearsREADINGSModule OverviewPatton, Zalon, Ludwick: Chaps. 3, 4Christopher, M.A., Duhl, J., Rosati, R.J., & Sheehan, K.M. (2015). Advocacy for vulnerable patients: How grassroots organizations can influence healthcare policy.  American Journal of Nursing, 115(3), 66-69.VIDEOSLeading Change: How Nursing can Shape Health Care Policy (2015, Mar.). Columbia Univ. School of Nursing Alumni Association and Center for Health Policy.RESOURCESOffice of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [(ODPHP)] (2016). Healthy People 2020.Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [(ODPHP)] (2020). Healthy People 2030 Framework.Office of Minority Health. [(U.S. DHHS)] (n.d.). National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services  Standards (CLAS).Why do labels matter? (2017, Feb 13).  How You See Me.How to practice understanding. (2017, Feb 6). How You See Me.


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