NURS 6521 Advanced Pharmacology
June 8, 2020
Your assignment for this week entails working on an introduction for your project. The introduction should:Contain the title of the lesson.Identify and describe the learners.Describe the educational s
June 8, 2020

Diversity, language and culture

This assignment involves a virtual field trip to experience Australian cultural and linguistic diversity. You

will experience a virtual site (Hintze Hall) that represents cultural diversity and describe it and evaluate its

significance. You are required to discuss the characteristics of the site you experience and critically

appraise its significance and cultural value in the Australian context.

Write up a project report, discussing your virtual field trip and reflecting upon the experience.
Explanation of the virtual site you visited and a critical evaluation of its cultural values along with

a short literature review supporting your evaluation.
A description of which language expressions you considered would be appropriate for this site.
A personal reflection upon the experience of engaging in intercultural understanding.

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