I have a rough draft course project that need to be completed. I have attached the ruBic for the draft and will submit the documents the topic is on.
February 27, 2020
Approaches To Treatment
February 27, 2020

Draft Quantitive Proposal

Draft Quantitative Proposal

Study is on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) 


Propose a study involving a correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental research design. Be sure to name your study design, and use references to the text and other resources to provide evidence that your design is appropriate. To prepare for your proposal, review relevant research. Summarize in your introduction at least three of these studies. In your proposal, be sure to consider issues of diversity and research ethics, and to clearly describe the strengths and limitations of your study design.

Use the Quantitative Proposal Form given in the resources to complete your quantitative study proposal. Use references to support your assertions and claims. For example, if you identify something as a strength of this proposed study, be sure to cite evidence to support that claim. You will be expected to incorporate peer and instructor feedback from this unit into the �nal submission of your quantitative research proposal due in Unit 10.


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