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February 24, 2021
Week 3 Learning Activities
February 24, 2021

enterprise software



Enterprise software applications have been implemented widely in recent years. Are their customers happy?


You will research customer satisfaction with a specific brand of enterprise software.

  • □ In 2018, PC Magazine lists down the top 10 ERP Systems out in the market. Select a brand of enterprise software, such as Epicor, Syspro, SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. (see complete list:
  • □ For each article, provide a complete reference (follow APA citation guide) as well as a one- paragraph summary of the article.


Background: The early years of enterprise software implementations were marked by notable expensive failures. Subsequent generations of enterprise software have vastly improved features. At this time, we can better examine the quality of the applications rather than merely their failure rate.

□ Find at least three (3) relatively recent and substantial media articles (newspapers, magazines, websites) that describe the use of your chosen brand of enterprise software in actual organizations.

□ Following the summaries, draw some conclusions about the quality and effectiveness of the enterprise software. Do organizations feel these applications are worth the investment? Why or why not? What features do organizations want added most?

□ Write up your analysis and conclusions in a clear and professional document.


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