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Family And Consumer Science

Students have the opportunity to choose between one of two topics (listed below) and become an expert in that topic, writing an eight-page literature

review (11-12 pages including the title page, abstract page, and reference sheet(s) at the end) addressing the most important things that the student learned

from reviewing the research and other information on the subject. Students may choose topics related to either (1) sexuality within marriage, or (2) family

finance. Students are encouraged to narrow their research topic to a specific topic related to one of these two categories (i.e., communication regarding

sexuality in marriage, how pornography affects marriage, communication regarding money in marriage, husband and wife differences in money behavior,


What should your paper look like? You will pick a topic such as “How Pornography Affects Marriage,” for example. Then you will organize your paper by

subtopics, such as (1) How pornography affects husbands in marriage, (2) wives in marriage, and (3) children in the family. For the husband section, you will

find all of the articles that you can in which the researchers have studied how pornography affects husbands, and you will review and write a review of that

literature (i.e., “This is what these researchers have to say about this topic, and this is what these other researchers have to say about this topic”), and then

you will move on to the next subtopic, such as “how pornography affects wives in marriage”, and review all of the literature on that topic and write a review

based on what many articles say about that specific topic. All of the subheadings in your paper should be related to the main topic, which is, in this example,

“How pornography affects marriage.”

The paper should be double-spaced, times new roman, 12 point font, 1-inch margins. The title page, abstract, and reference pages do NOT count toward the

number of pages. KEEP IT to 8 WRITTEN PAGES. NO MORE, NO LESS.

Students are expected to find at least twelve, but preferably 15 or more different scholarly peer-reviewed research articles published in professional journals

that they will use to review in their paper and document on their reference sheet in APA format. Website references, magazine articles, news articles, or

books are NOT allowed as references, only scholarly peer-reviewed articles that have been published in professional journals will count toward

the total number of references. This is not a persuasive argument type of paper, but a project in which students learn from scholarly, peer-reviewed

research articles, and then report the information (in their own words) that they have found. At the end of the paper, students should take the final page

(eighth written page) to explain their opinion as to why this topic is important, why there should be more studies on this topic, and/or final major points to

consider, in a final section with the heading “Discussion.”

It is highly recommended that students begin this project early in the semester and approach the instructor with any questions as they are working on the

project to ensure that it is completed correctly and completely. For this final project, no papers will be accepted late, and no corrections may be made after

submitting the project.

References should be cited within the paper as the information is presented (according to APA guidelines). Your in-text citations should look like this after

you are done paraphrasing information from an article (Smith, 2014). The in-text citation is simply the author’s late name and year the article was published.


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