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October 15, 2021
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October 15, 2021

Field Experience Site information from

I have to fill out this form in order to be accepted the field that I chose for my Capstone project class. I chose Westchester General Hospital as my experience field, and I my preceptor will be Patricia Garcet (Case manager’s director). All the questions will be related to bachelor in nursing.These are the questions:What contacts and/or arrangements have you already made with the selected field experience site?Describe the daily duties and tasks of your proposed preceptor and how they will relate to your field experience?What kind of activities, services, population, and resources does your proposed site provide that will relate to your field experience?Describe how the site provides appropriate learning opportunities for the application of knowledge (theory, methodology, research), skills to practice, and the development of professional competence, including appropriate facilities to enhance learning (adequate workspace, access to telephone and computers for site-related work).All assignments must be completed and submitted as Microsoft Word documents.All assignments must follow APA 7th edition format.minimum of 100 words each questionuse this link as a reference as well


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