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February 23, 2021
assignment 6 physical design and implementation due week 7 and worth 100 points assignment r
February 23, 2021

Final Assignment For Health And Human Class

After watching the movie, you have to answer the questions below.


1. Overview of the Movie: Identify the (a) title of the movie, (b) main characters, and (c) provide a brief description of the plot.    3 points 

2. Recurring Concern: (a) Identify one example of a recurring concern related to health and wellbeing that is represented in this movie. (b) Thoroughly explain your answer by identifying three criteria that are represented by this problem that make it a recurring concern.  For question #3 through question #7 your responses should be focused on this recurring concern.   10 points 

3. Health & Wellbeing: (a) How is health & wellbeing defined within this movie? (b) Give two specific example of how health & wellbeing are practiced (or not practiced) in this movie. (c) What is the relationship between this definition and the recurring concern? 10 points 

4. Perspective Taking: Identify two characters from the movie that have different perspectives about the recurring concern. (a) Who is the character and what is their overall perspective in relationship to the recurring concern? (b) What evidence is used to justify their perspective? What assumptions and/or limitations does this character hold about the recurring concern? (c) Overall, is the character’s perspective reasonable in relationship to the recurring concern? Why or why not?  10 points 

5. Ecological Systems: (a) Define three of the following ecological system levels:  microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, chronosystem. (b) Give one example from the movie (as related to the recurring concern) for each of the systems. Note: If the system was not represented, what could have been integrated into the movie? 10 points 

6. Systems of Action: (a) Define technical, communicative and critical actions.  (b) Identify/explain at least one example of each action as related to the recurring concern in the movie. Note: If an action was not represented, what could have been integrated into the movie?   10 points 

7. Practical Reasoning: Briefly define and give examples of each component of the practical reasoning process (context, valued ends, alternative means, consequences, judgment) as related to the recurring concern. Note: If not represented in the movie as related to the recurring concern – what could have been included? 10 points


8. Achievement of Communicative Action in Small Groups: For this course, each of you were randomly placed in a small group (this is the group which completed assignments together). (a) Give one in-depth example/description of when communicative action occurred in your small group. (b) What are three things which facilitated and/or inhibited communicative action in your small group? (c) To what extent did your small group’s communicative action change over the semester? Using a scale of 1 to 10 rank your small group at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester. Why did your ranking change (or not change)? 6 points


9. Conclusions about the Course: Write/explain three conclusions about what you have learned from the topics/content of this course.  Think about the ideas that you will remember long-term – these can be from a personal and/or professional perspective.   6 points   


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