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October 1, 2020
Consider which contraceptive treatments would be most appropriate for the patients in the following three case studies
October 1, 2020

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Instructions:   This exam covers the “Jeanette Clough at Mount Auburn Hospital” case that was mentioned in Monday’s posting on Blackboard.  The case is available from the HBS web site as part of the course packet for this class.   Please answer all of the questions (and all of their parts).

You may have a clean copy of the exam case with you, along with one page of notes prepared in advance.  Please be sure your name is on the exam and that you make a copy of your exam for yourself.


The exam will be graded on a 100-hundred-point scale (with the points for each question listed in parentheses), so be sure to allocate your time across questions.  Please support your answers where possible with information or data from the case or with other class materials as appropriate, including other cases that we have covered.  I will evaluate your answers on the basis of: 1) the responsiveness of the answer to the question that was asked; 2) the logic, analytic quality, and coherence of the answer; and 3) the support provided for the answer from case information and other class materials. I am assuming that if you take this test, you will do your own work and that you will follow the rules outlined above.  When you return the completed exam, please add a note to the effect that you have followed the rules.


Exam questions for “Jeanette Clough at Mount Auburn Hospital”


  1. Evaluate the situation faced by Mount Auburn Hospital (MAH) when Ms. Clough assumed the CEO position there in 1998. (15)



  1. Compare and contrast Ms. Clough’s background and experience with those of the two other MAH CEOs that came before her (Lynch, Brotman). Why did the Board select her instead of Dr. Brotman? (15)



  1. What was Ms. Clough’s strategy for turning around MAH? Where was it more successful? Less successful? (30)



  1. How have the local market conditions facing MAH changed since Ms. Clough’s arrival? How should MAH’s strategy change to adapt to new market conditions? (25)



  1. What suggestions would you make to MAH regarding its proposed expansion plan. Please explain your suggestions. (15)


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