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August 16, 2020
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September 21, 2020

Go to – Click on “All about Population” in the upper right .

 Go to – Click on “All about Population” in the upper right .

Click on “Population Games” from the list we will be using two of the simulations listed, “Imagining Tomorrows Population” and “The population and me”. 

Imagining Tomorrows population:

Click on U.N. simulation: A chart of population distribution and Data selection menu will open. World will appear in a pull down menu, Click on the plus sign to see geographic regions. 

1.In which region would you predict the population is growing the fastest?

Run simulations for each region: and answer the questions below:

2. In which region is the population growing the fastest?

3. Are your finding what you expected? Explain the basis for your prediction.

Go to Asia under the regions area and then click on the + sign in the pull down menu box below. A list of counties will appear below the region you selected. 

In the upper right corner of the population chart, click on “view Curve.

Select China: and watch the population growth curve as it runs to the end of the simulation.

4. Was this the result you would have predicted?

5. What happens and When? 

Repeat your observations for India, 

6. At what point, either in population or the year, does India overtake China as the most populous country on the planet?

Repeat your observations for a country of your choosing from the region experiencing the most rapid growth? See # 2 above

7. Is there a point in time when that country’s population will exceed China’s?

8. Briefly summarize your impressions as to future sustainability after having completed this exercise. 



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