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April 8, 2021
April 8, 2021

help with homework assignement first year chemistry

1.) A simple gas has an initial volume of 22.8 L at a pressure of 1.65 atm. If the sample is compressed to a volume of 10.7 L, what is its pressure? (Assume constant temperature).

2.) A syringe containing 1.55 mL of oxygen gas is cooled from 95.3°C to 0.0°C . What is the final volume of the oxygen gas?

3.) A bag of potato chips contains 585 mL of air at 25°C and a pressure of 765 mm Hg. Assuming the bag does not break, what will be its volume at the top of a mountain where the pressure id 442 mm Hg and the temperature is 5.0°C?

4.) What is the temperature of 0.52 mol of gas at a pressure of 1.3 atm and a volume of 11.8 L?

5.) A gas mixture contains each gas at the indicated partial pressure. CO2 422 mm Hg Ar 102 mm Hg O2 165 mm Hg H2 52 mm Hg What is the total pressure of the mixture?

6.) The oxygen gas emitted from an aquatic plant during photosynthesis is collected over water at 25°C and a total pressure of 753 torr. What is the partial pressure of the oxygen gas?


Answer the ff. problems in proper scientific notations, significant figures, and units. All calculations must be done in proper scientific notation. Any unit conversions must be shown.

  • 63.92×7410=
  • 5.312+21.78=
  • 47.82cm/32.4ks=
  • 0.42mx49.8mmx0.00621 hm=
  • 0.0732L/69.41 cmᶾ/g=
  • SKIP
  • What is the density of a 64.397 x 102 cg liquid sample with a volume of 1.177 x 10⁻²
  • What is the formula mass (in amu) for the hydrate sodium sulfate decahydrate?
  • How much product is formed by reacting 69.713g Lithium Carbonate with Cobalt (II) Chloride?
  • What is the molarity of the 5th serial 25% dilution of a 6.25 molar stock solution?
  • What is the pH of 0.01m NaOH?
  • If you evaporated 19.568g of H2O from a 48.001g hydrate sample, what is the percentage of H2O of the compound?
  • What is the empirical formula of a sample with the following analytical data? 2.128g Beryllium, 7.557g Sulfur, 15.107g Oxygen


1. Use Boyle’s Law to complete the table (assume temperature and number of moles of gas to be constant).





1.90 L

4.19 atm

1.09 L

755 mm Hg

118 mL

709 mm Hg

343 torr

683 torr

8.79 L

2. A 0.48-mol sample of helium gas occupies a volume of 11.7 L. what is the volume of 0.72mol of helium gas under the same conditions?

3. Use the combined gas law (Boyle’s & Charles gas laws) to complete the table (assume the number of moles of gas to be constant).







1.01 atm


0.54 atm

0.58 L


123 torr

41.5 mL

626 torr

36.5 mL

205 K

1.879 L


0.412 atm

2.05 L


4. Use the ideal gas law to complete the table





2.39 atm

1.21 L

205 K

512 torr

0.741 mol

298 K

0.433 atm

0.192 L

0.0131 mol

20.2 mL

5.71 x 10⁻ᶾ mol


5. The oxygen has emitted from an aquatic plant during photosynthesis is collected over water at25°C and a total pressure of 753 torr. What is the partial pressure of the oxygen gas?

6. A scuba diver breathing normal air descends to 100 m of depth, where the total pressure is 11 atm. What is the partial pressure of oxygen that the diver experiences at this depth? Is the diver in danger of experiencing the oxygen toxicity?

7. A clean dry crucible and cover has a mass of 0.15297hg. If 0.9643 x 10⁻¹ Oz. of a hydrate were heated in the crucible to eliminate 0.0000234 mol of H2O

a.) What would be the mass of the remaining anhydrate be?

b.) what would be the % of water?

c.) What would the molar ratio be of water to hydrate?

8 Create and balance a Double Replacement Precipitation Reaction and write the complete Total Ionic Reaction and Net Ionic Reaction noting the spectator ions as well.


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