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February 23, 2021
Write a 350- to 700-word paper on challenges within careers in the field of corrections
February 23, 2021

Historical Fiction

You are going to choose a modern day traumatic event such as Pepys and Defoe did and write about it. This can be any catastrophe, anyplace in the world from earthquakes, to fires, to tsunamis. . . You are going to write a historical fiction story, based on facts that you are going to learn today in research.

Here are the guidelines:
3 pgs, double spaced, Times New Roman or Arial, 1″ margins (MLA Format)
No extra spaces between lines, paragraphs intended 1/2
2 sources, cited at the end in MLA format (no in-text citations)
Write as a diary- you are there.
Historical Fiction- based on facts that you research.
It must be a real event- you did not need to really be there.
‘Modern’ fiction means any time since 1950.


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