Assignment Details A mother brings her daughter into the emergency room during an asthma attack. Though both of her parents work, they cannot afford medical insurance for themselves or her. They also earn too much money to qualify for state or federal aid. She is treated with medication for her asthma attack at the hospital and she and her mother leave. Two weeks later, they return to the hospital in a virtually identical scenario. In a 4-5 page paper, consider the following questions and explain your position of the issues: Do you think that this girl is receiving adequate care?
May 23, 2020
How to Write a Narrative Essay
May 23, 2020

How to Select a Good Persuasive Essay Topic

Avoid the Standard Topics When Selecting Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasion is a common practice in our daily life. Being good at persuasion comes naturally to some of us. It is this same persuasion that goes in to writing a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay is written in a manner which should get someone to agree with your point of view and way of thinking. Your persuasion should have some logic to it and a valid reasoning. When writing a persuasive essay this concept should be taken into account and your argument must be backed by evidence. Now that we know what a persuasive essay is, let us think about some interesting persuasive essay topics that can make your persuasion process more interesting.

Essays come in many forms and there are different types of essays. There are compare and contrast essays, critical analysis essays, narrative essays etc. Whatever the type, most students find it a challenging task to write essays. Therefore the whole process of essay writing should be given much thought from the stage of selecting an appropriate and interesting essay topic itself.

• Steer Clear of Common Topics
When coming up with topics for this type of essays you should avoid the ones that have been written on over and over again. There are some topics which college students write on often, such as abortion, adoption, death penalty etc. This makes the essay boring to the reader, simply because his interest levels on the topic may be saturated. When thinking of a topic for your persuasive essay you will have to make sure that it is interesting and relevant to the reader, enhances the reader’s knowledge and is worth reading. Put yourself into the shoe of the reader. Would you read a book or a newspaper article if the topic looked boring? The same applies for your essay, so pay extra attention to coming up with a good topic and a matching title.

• What to do With A Common Topic
Sometimes you are assigned a topic and then you have no choice but to write on it, even if these topics are often written on. In such cases use your researching skills and locate some material that can add value to your essay and set it apart. Make use of arguments or logic that takes a whole different perspective of the subject. This can take the monotony out of the common topics.

• Writer’s Involvement
Pick a topic which you feel passionate about and which interests you. This makes the essay writer more involved in the essay as the arguments and reasoning become more intense. Even in real life, if something is of much importance to us, we will try to persuade with much vigor and conviction. For instance if you are an animal lover, then you can write a persuasive essay on “why people should boycott clothing and accessories of animal origin.”

Ideas for your persuasive essay

Following are some topic suggestions which are intended to give you an idea of how you can make your persuasive essay topics more interestingl:

• Is it worth having dying people on life support?
• AIDS test for pregnant women – necessary or not.
• Why cell phones are not necessary in schools.
• The Internet pornography sites should be banned.
• Is it necessary to provide aid for third world countries?

Your persuasive essay will be more effective and definitely interesting if these tips are taken into account when selecting a persuasive essay topic. Browse through essay writing tips and sample online essays for more ideas on the subject.

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