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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Students must follow these instructions on how to write compare and contrast essay

We require  the skills involved in writing a compare and contrast essay as it is a tool to help us reach a logical decision, in any situation. Therefore, students would be benefited if they go through the following instructions on how to write a compare and contrast essay. In addition, most of the decisions that we take in our daily life also depend on the conclusions we arrive after comparing and contrasting the two sides of the same situation or two different choices available to us for meeting our objective. Hence, students should understand the importance of comparing while knowing how it is different from contrasting.

While students can compare the similarities of any two items or concepts, their dissimilar features require contrasting these features by them. Therefore, before preparing to write on any comparative analysis, students should finalize their purpose of doing it. For example, if the students are on the look out for a technology that can facilitate smooth e-commerce transactions, then they may look at the available payment gateway facilities, over the internet. Therefore, they would be comparing and contrasting the features of any two such technologies or agencies that provide such facilities.

While the following guidelines would help students to understand on the subject of how to write a compare and contrast essay, they must also go through other similar papers like process essays and descriptive essay to learn about the skills required for writing an excellent English essay.

  • Discuss about one topic in one paragraph

One of the strategies to write a compare and contrast paper would be to devote one paragraph defining certain features of a concept. However, a paragraph of similar word count should follow this for describing similar feature of another concept or identity. In this way, both the concepts can be described on equal terms. However, students must remember that the particular paragraph should not contain the details about all the features of the concerned object. Instead, it is advisable to explain about one or two features in this paragraph and then follow it by describing about other features in following paragraphs. Similarly, same strategy should be adopted for explaining the features of the other concept or object.

  • Present comparing and contrasting points in the last paragraphs

In this method of how to write a compare and contrast essay, the details of the individual concepts are given separately, as detailed above, in the initial paragraphs of the essay main body. However, students need to present the comparison between the two objects, while providing details on their similarities and differences, feature-by-feature. Therefore, this should be done in the following paragraphs ending with the conclusion, where students can reaffirm their opinion, as given by them in the introduction of the essay.

Students can look at a analytical essay, for this purpose, as same would enhance their writing capability.

However, the best way to understand on how to write a compare and contrast essay, would be by checking further instructions at custom essays.


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