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May 23, 2020
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May 23, 2020

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Students should exhibit their descriptive skills in a narrative essay

Writing a narrative essay is about telling a story or describing an experience. Hence, students should use their best descriptive capabilities to let the readers feel the experience that is being narrated by the students. However, as the human nature is, the memories are intermingled in our mind and it takes quite some time and effort to filter the right kind of experiences for narration in an essay form.

Hence, students require doing lot of pre-writing exercise, which would involve jotting down the tits and bits of all the episodes that have relation to each other. Thereafter students should prepare a draft, which is well defined and relating to any single experience. Noting down all the happenings related to the particular experience would make it easier and faster to compose an essay on it, which would be the best form of a narrative essay.

If the students are using the narration as a form of story telling, then they should follow the norms relating to the same. Accordingly, the essay would have a plot, different characters, setting or the scenario and the climax or ending of the story. Hence, the writer should do a bit of brain storming to organize the essay in a cohesive manner, while the above elements would follow in a sequential formation.

However, the following guidelines would help students to write their essay in a well-structured manner, while making the theme of the essay clear to the readers. In addition, students could go through additional information regarding this by going through a narrative essay, which can enlighten them on various aspects of writing such essays that require using descriptive and narrative skills.

  • Decide on the essay theme

Students must have a topic or theme of the essay in place, before they start for preparing the essay. It is essential to understand that they are not telling a bedtime story from fairy tales. Instead, they would be writing on well-defined theme or topic, on which they have definite viewpoint. Therefore, students need doing a bit of brain storming to find a topic for their narrative essay that summarizes this viewpoint.

However, it could be beneficial if students provide details of their experience that justifies the stand taken by them on a particular issue. For example, if students are narrating their experience of a terminally ill patient in their family, they can discuss the theme of “right to die” in their essay, while connecting the experience with their argument supporting their viewpoint.

  • Discuss diversified opinion

By discussing different opinion relating to the essay topic, would be beneficial for the students, as it would make the complete essay interesting and meaningful. In the above example, students could discuss about various thoughts and viewpoints, which may not agree to the stand taken by the writer on the essay themes. Hence, incorporating these ideas also would help students to narrate their experience in a definitive manner, while they conclude their essay with the statement that supports their point of view.

In any case, students could go through Custom Essays to learn, more about writing a good narrative essay.

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