bus308 week 4 problem set 1
May 23, 2021
Write an e-mail to Isabella answering Isabellas inquiry including an analysis of the consequences of organizing a sociedad and an evaluation of other forms of business organization in Mexico that may come closer to realizing Isabellas business objectives.
May 23, 2021
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Hse presentation 3-2 | English homework help

You have been asked to give a presentation on ethical issues to human service professionals in your community. Prepare a presentation that is appropriate for an audience of human service professionals and covers the following topics:

  1. Discuss the three most important ethical boundaries as they apply to trauma that you think human service professionals need to be aware of and why.
  2. Provide at least one example for each of the requirements, explaining why they are important.

For this assignment, you will develop a brief presentation in Google Presentation (Google Docs), PowerPoint, Prezi, or some other presentation tool. Use the notes section or a separate Word document (if your tool does not have a notes section) to provide additional notes for each slide that would be helpful to you during your presentation. For help with creating notes, refer to the Notes in Presentations document. Your presentation should include references, as needed, in APA format.


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