dditional interview and communication techniques that could be effective with your colleague’s selected patient
February 14, 2020
brief description of the alcohol use disorder in the topic, 2-3 objectives, the main content to include medications used for treatment, and supplemental materials including references used
February 14, 2020


Your case study this week on nature of relations between blacks and white in colonial America.

Link to Case Study:

This time rather than discussing the case study in your group, it is your responsibility to review the case study and complete a short 2-3 page paper answering one of the central questions:

  1. Overall, what impressions do African Americans and European American express about each other in the readings and portraits?
  2. What factors represent dominance or submission, respect or contempt, trust or distrust between black and white colonists?
  3. How did enslaved Africans and European colonists adapt to the insistent diversity imposed on each by the other?

I have also provided a . Make sure you review it before writing the case study. It will aid you in constructing a stronger paper and provides criteria for assessing your paper. I have also provided a  with some common grammatical errors that students make writing these papers.


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