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June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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Hw of ais: create flowchart for purchasing and disbursements cycle.




See the narrative below which represents the process and controls of Leopards, Inc. Please perform the following:

1) Prepare a flowchart for the Purchasing and Disbursements cycle. Use your Warren Sports reference materials for the manual symbols and also see below for additional symbols that may best represent the ‘system’ or electronic aspects of the flowchart (such as database files, input devices and information flow). If you want to use your own symbols, please use a key to show me what you are depicting.


2) On your flowchart, identify the key “what can go wrong” risks relative to errors and fraud in financial reporting. Create a tickmark to place in the area of the flowchart where the risk would occur and explain it in a tickmark legend. You don’t need to identify every risk, just the major or key risks.

3) In a different worksheet of your spreadsheet, create a matrix that maps the process to the risk (what can go wrong) to the desired control and document whether the control exists and is effective. Don’t forget to analyze segregation of duties as well.


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