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July 27, 2019
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July 27, 2019

I have been thinking about how I could be trained or learned from my preceptor during my clinical rotation

I have been thinking about how I could be trained or learned from my preceptor during my clinical rotation. I figured out that I should practice how to listen, watch, and think as an advanced practice nurse.  Listening is first and the most important part of clinical site. Medical provider should listen to what the patient and family says. And I want to listen how my clinical preceptor is communicating or asking to the patient. The clinical simulation is a critical part of advanced nursing learning (Lambton J, 2010). When I listen carefully about their communication, I would be able to learn more about different diagnoses and symptoms. Second, I should look or watch what I need to assess or learn. I have to observe how my preceptor is assessing on patient and what he is looking for. I could also assess patient’s body or try to find information from resources regarding diagnosis or symptom. There are many available resources for primary care provider. I would like to find medication information or treatment plan from books, reliable internet resources, and smart phone application. My preceptor showed me several youtube sites for problematic lung sounds and heart sounds. It actually helped me to understand about the pathophysiology and diagnosis. He also used the google search engine to figure out the medication name by shape and color when the patient doesn’t remember the name of the medication.  Lastly, I should practice to think as an advance practice nurse. I have been thinking and working as registered nurse. It is time to process my brain in a different way. It is all about how I should approach, listen, ask, and communicate with my patient. I will try to practice on listening, watching, and thinking to become a competent primary care provider.


Lambton J. (2010). Clinical simulation as an instructional strategy for animating the clinical nurse framework. Journal of Professional Nursing26(3), 176–181.



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