Can you identify an ethical dilemma at work here?’.
August 15, 2018
Complete this systematic reviews in health care essay assignment on the worksheet attached.
August 15, 2018

Identify a topic of interest related to nursing leadership

Identify a topic of interest related to nursing leadership. Perform a search in two scholarly databases for an article that is relevant to nursing leadership. Share the name, URL, and a brief description of the two databases you located. Do not report on MEDLINE or CINAHL, as they are already well known. What databases did you select? Why?

The choice of Boolean terminology can markedly affect your search returns. Concerning nursing leadership, select two scholarly databases to find information nursing leadership. Describe the search. What key words did you use? How many articles did your initial search yield? How did you narrow or expand the search? How many articles did you find once you narrowed or expanded the search? Summarize the results from the search.


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