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April 8, 2021
primate observations 1
April 8, 2021


hi i am looking for someone o write me a research paper that is 10 pages and my due date is this Sunday the 16th of April. the research paper is about immigrants issues and challenges in the U.S ( if you have a better title for the same meaning that would be awesome. i have 5 sources for the research paper and i want you to talk in detail about each source. and abstract the ideas from the sources that prove the title’s idea. talk more about how is the U.S citizen’s look at the immigrants in the united states. and how does the immigrants affect the U.S economy and benefit the people too. i really need to pass this research with at least B+ grade. i would leave the sources in a word file and upload it down below. i will also take a screenshot of the research paper rubric and upload it. one last thing the teacher required me to do an interview about the title so if you could make up anything just to make it as i did the interview ( do the interview by your self it does not matter )

i will upload my outline which i got C+ grade on it so there must be some corrections from your side if you can make it better.

i will upload the 5 sources in one word file.

i will upload the rubric in either a screenshot or a word file.


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