Discussion of how the medical condition/illness affects functioning, common complications and concerns accommodations, treatments, strategies, assistive devices available to reduce/prevent limitations and to promote health references
August 19, 2018
describe the key aspects of the disorder that will be elaborated on in your Final Project.
August 19, 2018

Imogene King:a conceptual frame of reference for nursing

Imogene King dedicated her life to the profession of nursing, and aimed to create “a conceptual frame of reference for nursing”. In the end, her Theory of Goal Attainment was conceived and she helped to identify several complex interactions that exist in the nurse-client relationship. Similarly, the Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing reflect the various responsibilities and competencies nurses who are masters-prepared are expected to complete and do so safely. As such, students must work towards becoming familiar with the essentials and begin to utilize them as a source of reference for guiding learning and practice. Review the Essentials of Master’s Education document that can be found under the Class Resources tab above Lectures and please examine, Essential IV:Translating and Integrating Scholarship Into Practice, as you reflect and address the following questions:

How would you answer the questions below that were posed by King based on what you know about current nursing practice?

What is the scope of practice of nurse practitioners, nurse educators and nurse leaders, and in what kind of settings do these nursing professionals perform their functions? Are the current goals of nursing similar to those of the past half century? What are the dimensions of practice that have given the field of nursing a unifying focus over time? How important will it be for master’s prepared nurses to be knowledgeable in translating research into practice as our healthcare system stands to undergo significant policy changes in the near future that may leave millions of Americans uninsured and without proper medical care?

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