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February 27, 2020
February 27, 2020

Implementing Student Management System

Decription : You are an administration manager in the engineering department of a Polytechnic Institute. The department has recently purchased ;a student management system (SMS) to automate marketing, academic operations (attendance, academic schedule, timetable etc.) and reporting processes. Senior management assigned you the responsibility to implement the SMS for some qualification being run by the department. For this sake, you have to access a variety of systems, resources and documents.


  1. Key stakeholders of project – 3 internal and 3 external
  2. Identify resources
    a. project team : associated tasks and responsibility to each member
    b. Facilities : Address all relevant physical resources and the importance of them
    c. Hardware Equipment : Address all relevant hardware resources and the importance of them
    d. Software Tools : Address all relevant technological resources and the importance of them
    e. Organisational Systems: Address all relevant technological, human resources and the importance of them
    f. Organisation Process Assets (Process, procedures, template and other documents) : Address all process, procedures, templates are relevant to JV and the importance of them
    g . Other resources : Similar as above

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