How are induction and deduction both used in science (Which is used in forming a hypothesis, and which is used to make a testable prediction?), and how were they used to examine the role of predation on life history in fish?
October 24, 2018
an ion channel in a cell membrane carries 2.4 pA when it's open, which is only 20% of the time. (a) What's the average current in the channel? (b) If the channel opens for 1.0 ms, how many singly ionized ions pass through in this time? 
October 24, 2018
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In one of our class sessions, I sat on a rotating seat with heavy weights in each of my hand. (a) As I pulled the weights to my chest, did my rotational inertia increase, decrease or did not change? (b) Did my rotational speed (angular speed) change? Why? Explain your answer.  

  •  40 mL pf 0.10 M sodium hydroxide is added to 60 mL of 0.10 M hydrochloric acid. The concentration of hydronium (in M) in the final solution is
  • Q: One way to think about the roles and responsibilities of HR departments is to consider it as a business within the company with three product
  • Q: A southbound ambulance it traveling at 75 mph at a distance of 115 yards from an intersection.
  • Q: (Challenge problem: +10 points extra credit). Come up with your own algorithms for searching for a solution.
  • Q: g the costs of the individual components of a firm’s financing, the corporate tax rate is important to which of the following component cost formulas?…
  • Q: If you were the president of a retail organization, would you be fearful or appreciative of receiving complaints via social media applications?
  • Q: What are search methods? Do you feel search methods are relevant to topics in artificial intelligence ?
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