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February 27, 2020
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February 27, 2020

In Week 8, your Formal Proposal should contain the following

In Week 8, your Formal Proposal should contain the following:<ul><li>Be formatted as a formal

proposal, following the guidelines for formal proposals in the text (including the guidelines for headings and subheadings found on pages 426-439).</li> <li>Include required front matter (Title Page and Transmittal Correspondence) and end matter (References).</li> <li>Include an Introduction (first-level heading) with four second-level headings of fully developed text: Background of the Problem, Statement of Purpose, Sources and Methods, and Report Organization.</li> <li>Fully explain the “green” strategy you are proposing. (The word count for the introduction and body should be<strong>1250-1750 words</strong>). The Discussion will have the following second-level headings:<br />Solution and Benefits: Identify your solution and discuss its benefits. Include a visual.Cost: This section should include individual costs to the organization, but may also include any cost savings that may be realized. Include a table to help readers visualize what is presented in this section.Conclusion and Recommendation: Review the issues that led to the proposed solution and clearly state the recommendation you want the reader to implement.</li> <li>Conclude with a brief statement that expresses a positive sentiment or statement.</li> <li>Include References page (at least six credible sources in APA format). Include appendices (if applicable).</li> <li>Include two visuals: a figure that helps explain the recommended green strategy and a table under the Cost section that clearly represents the data being explained. Visual aids and their inclusion must adhere to the standards presented in Chapter 9 (specifically refer to Integrating Visuals with Text on page 244).</li> <li>Use at least six credible researched sources appropriately and effectively.</li> <li>Include proper documentation using APA style (in-text citations and References page); please check your work using the Dropbox/Turnitin.com.</li> <li>Be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.</li></ul>A successful Formal Proposal will include the following:<ul><li>The revised (as indicated by the professor in the Week 6 graded assignment) Introduction section and organization of the report.</li> <li>The Introduction includes all four sections with fully developed original text appropriate for each section.</li> <li>Evidence the writer fully grasps the purpose/goals of the proposal assignment, including selecting the appropriate organizational approach.</li> <li>Body of proposal is properly formatted, with at least two heading levels.</li> <li>Well-developed content that is written in the student’s own words (Introduction and Body of the report should be between 1250-1750 words).</li> <li>Sufficient research material to support ideas.</li> <li>Two visual aids (one figure and one table), properly placed, referenced, and cited.</li> <li>Direct quotes and/or paraphrases of outside material that are properly integrated into the text and cited (in-text and end-of text) per APA guidelines.</li> <li>A References page that lists at least six credible sources.</li> <li>Proper use of formatting and style (e.g., bullets, headings, lists, etc.).</li> <li>An awareness and proper use of all 10 writing conventions for professional writing (as appropriate) covered in Week 2.</li> <li>Use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization; written in third person.</li></ul>


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