Think about how they are similar and different and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, think about a potential research topic for which each research design might be appropriate. Post a comparison (similarities and differences) of the two research designs you selected. Describe the salient features, advantages, and disadvantages of each.
June 21, 2017
How existentialism influenced 20th century humanities
June 21, 2017

Internal Analysis paper about the company NetFlix.

Internal Analysis paper about the company NetFlix.
Write a 3 page Internal Analysis paper about the company NetFlix. The paper should address the following:
I. What is the history of the company?
II. How is it run today? What does the business look like? Who is on the top management team and what is the structure of the management?
III. What key resources and capabilities does it possess? (identify core competencies)
IV. How has it performed over the last 3+ years?
Also include a Full SWOT Analysis that covers all areas of competition
(Make sure there are no grammatical errors and all the questions are answered & include in text citations and a cited page in APA Format)
The Paper is Double-Spaced, 1 inch margins, and Times New Roman font.


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