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legal and ethical issues in counseling homosexual clients

Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling Homosexual Clients


For this week’s critical thinking discussion, please read the excerpt from the Court Case Involving a Therapist’s Refusal to Counsel Homosexual Clients found below.

“Court Case Involving a Therapist’s Refusal to Counsel Homosexual Clients”

Begin a respectful and scholarly discussion based on the questions posed in the Commentary section of the court case excerpt. Address each question as if they were posed to a social worker.

Also consider how NASW Code Ethics would direct professional behavior. Since this topic can be a “hot topic,” I want to make sure to remind everyone about profession etiquette despite your personal position on this issue.

As you answer the questions in the court case, please be aware that your answer to the question that asks, “To what degree protect you from an ethical or legal violation?” should include how the NASW can help protect you from a legal or ethical violation.

Your Tasks:

Please submit one original post (400-500 words)Cite the text when appropriate for the discussion prompt above. Cite at least two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles.

Prior to submitting your posts, check them for appropriate grammar, usage and spelling. In the field of social work it is important to be able to communicate effectively when writing as well as when speaking. Errors in these areas will result in a lower grade for your discussion posts.






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